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Settling an estate or liquidating personal property can be an emotional task. At Sales by George, your
household contents will be treated with dignity and respect during the entire process. We understand
that you are not only parting with personal items, but the memories associated with many of the items
that will be sold. Our goal is to eliminate the stress normally associated with the sale by providing you
and your family with a professional liquidation.

Our clients can rest assured their estate items will be sold at fair market value in a timely, dignified and
profitable manner. Sales By George will evaluate all items available for sale. Unlike a traditional
liquidator who is interested in obtaining only the most valuable items, we take care in organizing and
displaying all items in a favorable light. Our goal is always to realize the maximum value for all
possessions of our clients.

We promote your sale to the general public through our website, local publications and estate sale
signs. We also attempt to network with collectors and others when your interests can be served.

Our reputation for integrity, flexibility, honesty, and creative problem-solving is well known. Our ability to
work with other professionals you have retained such as attorneys, accountants, and real estate
agents, is second to none. We strive to make the liquidation process as easy as possible for you and
your family.
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